Why Genuine Teak Garden Furniture Is So Hard To Get?

Sure, there are many people who claim to be selling teak furniture, but closer analysis often shows that what they have is 'replica' furniture – but the genuine teak furniture is rather rare. What is meant by 'replica' teak furniture is that which you get when you collect some other inferior wood, and through keen seasoning and painting, make it look like teak and proceed to misrepresent it as such. That happens a lot. You can almost always tell genuine furniture by the pricing: because it tends to be quite costly. The 'replica' teak furniture on the other hand, will tend to be much cheaper, when compared to the genuine furniture, so that someone who is not experienced in these matters may construe its lower pricing as a 'bargain'.
Reason Genuine Teak Garden Furniture is not Very Easy to Get

Of course, everyone who goes shopping for teak garden furniture, online or in brick and mortar stores, tends to be in search of genuine teak furniture, and that alone. They are not keen on replica teak furniture and most of the people who buy it are duped into doing so.

Now the question before us for determination is as to why genuine furniture tends to be so hard to get. And two reasons can be advanced as being behind the relative rarity of genuine teak furniture.

The first reason as to why genuine teak furniture tends to be so hard to get is that teak is a difficult to grow wood

Because teak wood is very selective in terms of habitats (meaning that, even on a global scale, there are extremely few places where it is to be found growing naturally). This, of course, translates into a supply constraint for the furniture, meaning that the quantities of the wood from which it is made that are coming from the lumber works are small. Indeed, there are many countries in the world that have to import teak furniture if they have to use it, on account of their inability to grow their own teak. And that happens, sometimes, in spite of the countries in question being relatively well suited for growing most other forest trees. The net effect from all this, of course, is where the few pieces of teak garden furniture made from these limited supplies of the wood are dispersed all over the world; meaning that each locality gets only a limited amount of them, making them real rarities.

The second reason as to why genuine furniture tends to be so hard to get is that the limited supply of it notwithstanding

Teak is also a rather much loved wood. So the situation tends to be such that by the time teak trees are being hewed and processed into timber, the furniture that is to be made out of them has already been ordered. Such furniture is expensive on account of things like considerably durability, its remarkable beauty, and simply, its rarity (which makes it 'trophy furniture'). So the competition for genuine teak furniture becomes very keen, making such furniture rather hard to get.

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